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Motivating and Educating Youth About Aviation


Maine  Center  for  Classic  Aviation  has  youth  programs  allowing  kids  an  opportunity  to  get  hands  on  by  building  and  flying classic  aircraft.

Preserving Classic Aircraft


We  not  only  want  to  preserve  classic  aircraft,  but  we  also  want  to  preserve  the  skills  needed  to  maintain  classic  aircraft for  future  generations.


Maine Center for Classic Aviation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. The primary purposes of MCCA is promoting aviation education, commemorating the history and heritage of human powered flight, preserving classic aircraft, and inspiring future aviators and aviation enthusiasts. 

Maine Center for Classic Aviation is a non-profit corporation recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3).

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Based  at  Thompson  Memorial  Field  (ME62)  in  Pittsfield.    Fly  in  or  drive  in!

Maine Center for Classic Aviation

128 Powers Road, Pittsfield, Maine 04967, United States

(207) 614-7410

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